2017…You have been INCREDIBLE. I may have gained a few pounds – but all that glorious wedding food was most definitely worth it!!


      My most transformative year for wedding photography.

      This time last year, I felt I had given up on my own artistic photography practice to become a full time wedding photographer. I was anxious and unsure about how I would be fulfilled creatively. Safe to say I had no idea just how bloomin amazing this job really is! I have travelled and met some of the most creative, bonkers and lovely couples who have trusted me to create art for them. I surpassed all my goals, booking so many exciting weddings across the UK and Europe and featuring in some of the greatest wedding blogs in the world! I am genuinely SO grateful for everyone who has made this year so amazing.

      I really do have to say a thank you to my little family that supported me, partly for standing for hours with me at wedding fairs and plying me with coffee, but mostly for enabling me to be a mother AND still fulfil my career dreams. Also my friends who have happily sacrificed their time to model for me, some in less than wonderful conditions. To my fellow photographers who are there for inspiration and advice, particularly Nicola Dixon, whose styled-shoots have allowed my work to take off creatively and meet some of the best wedding suppliers in the Country!

      It was tough choice…..But here is my Best 100 Wedding Photos from 2017. It’s been ball….BRING ON 2018!!!!!!!!

      If you are in need of a wedding photographer and love my work…Get in touch, I’d love hear from you!

      Becy X


      A list of (some) of the wonderful creatives that have made this year so great:

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      Muscari Events

      Vintage at Number 18

      The Garden Studio

      Kate Beaumont

      Styling Farm

      Firenze Floral Design

      Lucy Macnicoll Floral Design

      Cherry Williams London

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      April C Makeup









      Some of the AMAZING wedding blogs I have been published in this year!