Content Planner


• Don't be afraid to keep posting the same content!

If it works, it works! Don't get too strung up on creating new material ALL the time. The way the algorithms work, not everyone gets to see your posts. Plus you will hopefully have new followers who will never get a chance to see your favourite posts! If a post is doing well on your page, keep posting variations of it as time goes on!

• Offer advice and help!

Your posts can be so useful to couples in our industry! Many of them just don't know where to start. Yes, Social media is great for sharing our beautiful work. However it will mostly be other photographers and creatives who are saving your posts. Useful posts will be saved by couples for inspiration when the time comes to make decisions!

• Personal...

People LOVE stories, it's how we connect with each other. Your clients will love hearing about your story and your life...even the more mundane parts of it. I've often seen other creative sharing Iphone photo dumps and work from other parts of their lives like personal art or something that inspired them.

• If you are going to least use it as research!

Turn your scrolling habit into a bit of research for your own brand. consider which posts stop you from scrolling and catch your attention. Why is that? What type of post is it..reel/carousel? Is it the caption that's drawing you in? If you can make a note of these attributes then you might find more inspiration for your own posts.

• Treat social media like any other part of your business.

Try allocating a few hours each week at a set time to create your content for the next week or month. You can create posts even on your desktop using Canva and then use a scheduler like Tailwind. As opposed to getting close to the 'optimal' 7pm time to post each evening and wracking your brain for inspiration of what to post...and then waiting for the likes. Treat Social media like any other part of your business.