A Paris Engagement Shoot

      We met at 5am at Place du Trocadero in Paris. The sun had not yet risen and we had Paris completely to ourselves, it was magic.

      I met Fabiano and Joanna on Instagram, they were getting married in their home Vienna, but wanted some beautiful photographs in the most romantic City in the World. I had been to Paris a few times, but this was the first time I had really fallen in love. Paris at sunrise is just incredible! After the sky turned pink, we headed off to explore The Louvre hoping that no-one would be there too.

      We were right! Not a person in sight. We all got a bit giddy with excitement and Johanna looked at me as said ‘Shall we get in the water’. Literally the best words I could have heard! Yes of course lets play in the water the The Louvre which is strictly forbidden! We had so much fun, got extremely wet and so went for a walk in that morning golden sun to dry off.

      I absolutely love to travel with my work, even having a 2 year old doesn’t stop me! I travel with my family all over the UK and Europe to meet and photograph incredible couples! I’d love to do another Paris engagement shoot! I’d love to hear from you if you are in Europe and would like some beautiful photos of you and your loved one!