Beautiful, Emotive, Fine Art.

Emotive Visual Story-telling - It's like a film, just still which enables you to relive your day all over again.

Elopements and Weddings

My approach to capturing your elopement is all about combining my passion for nature, film, documentary and fine art photography. I'm invested in capturing unscripted and honest moments that build up the story of your day.

My work utilises natural light, movement and composition. But what's most important to me is capturing the connection between you. I want to catch the details that show true relationships and an intimacy which is never forced. Its the small moments and nuances that sometimes go unnoticed. Those are the ones that reflect you. I seek these out so that you are able to look back and remember the feeling; the nervousness, the pride, the overwhelming joy. My portraits reflect medium-format film that I first fell in love with. Through creative twists and dreamy colours which flatter your skin tones, I create art that is highly emotive and beautiful. Giving you something you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Whilst I specialise in capturing Elopements on The Isle of Skye (My home!), travelling is one of my greatest loves in life. I have photographed both weddings and elopements throughout the UK, Ireland, Greece, Malta, Italy, Norway and France. I would love to hear about your plans, whatever stage you are at!

I have a dedicated photography package for both Elopements and Weddings and you can also choose to add a beautiful Super 8 film. Couples who work with me trust my vision and feel a connection to my work, if you would like more get in touch!

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