Planning Your Isle of Skye Elopement

 Couple popping champagne at The Quiraing celebrating their Isle of Skye Elopement.

Are you eloping to The Isle of Skye? Or in the process of planning your Isle of Skye Elopement?

As you are looking into getting married on Isle of Skye! Congratulations! You will marry in one of the most beautiful parts of the world! I made this page especially for people like you. I’m an award winning Isle of Skye Elopement Photographer, although I capture elopements all over Scotland and Europe. Eloping is one of the most truly personal and wonderful ways to get married!

I’m here to give you essential information for your Skye elopement. For example, the best Skye elopement locations, How to get married on The Isle of Skye, the legal side. And finally, beautiful ideas to make your day extra special.


 Where to Elope on The Isle of Skye?

 Elopement Locations

A couple standing on edge of Cuillin Mountains during Elopement

I have captured many elopements and Weddings all over The Isle of Skye now. Undoubtedly one of the most magical places in the world to get married! (Although I may be biased as I live here!) With this in mind I’m going to let you into some of my favourite spots to elope!


1. Quiraing

 One of the most Spectacular landscapes in Scotland

Location: You can find The Quiraing about 30 minutes drive from Portree. It is situated in the north of Skye in the area known as ‘Trotternish’. Staffin and Uig, the nearest villages either side of the Quiraing are joined by a single track road. It should be noted that the hike up to the Quiraing takes about 2 hours – it’s definitely worth the hike! However, you can see the beautiful ridge a short walk away from the car park. It can get particularly busy here in Summer though. I’d recommend heading out early in the morning to elope!


Couple running together across The Quiraing during Elopement

Quiraing elopement, Isle of Skye.

2.  Fairy Glen

 A whole other world of sculpted grassy hills and still pools

Location: Just above the village Uig in the North of Skye sits the most magical place to say your vows. Without a doubt Fairy Glen feels like another world. With sculpted grassy hills, hidden caves and still pools. Fairy Glen is as magic as it sounds! Climb up to the top of Castle Ewan to see the most stunning views. Abundant with little nooks, Fairy Glen is perfect to find a quiet little spot to get married!

Couple reading vows during Fairy Glen Elopement, Isle of Skye.

Couple stood on top of Castle Ewan in during Fairy Glen Elopement

3. The Old Man of Storr

An absolutely magnificent Rock.

Location: The Old Man of Storr is a Majestic pinnacle of Rock that can be seen for miles around Skye. (I can see the top from my house!) It’s located in the North as part of the Trotternish Ridge (about a 10 minute drive from Portree). Perhaps one of the busiest places to elope but for good reason! Its absolutely incredible! Hiking will take about 45 minutes but it is well worth the trek! However, be ware that the weather changes so quickly here in Skye! For example – check out the images below, this was a particularly rainy and foggy day – We couldn’t even see the Old Man. It did however, make for the most romantic elopement photographs!

Bride stood on top of Old Man of Storr during Isle of Skye Elopement.

Couple Running in the rain on Old Man of Storr during elopement

4. Elgol

 The beautiful rocky shores and best views of The Cuillin Mountains

Location: Elgol lies Southwest of Skye, along a single track road from Broadford which takes about an hour. Imagine marrying underneath honeycomb rock  (see the example below!) whilst listening to the waves crash into the shores. Its also one of the best places to see The Cuillin Mountains! Definitely one of my favourite places to elope on The Isle of Skye! Top tip – its much quieter than many of the other locations making it a very intimate almost secret wedding location!


an elopement ceremony at honeycomb rock, Elgol - Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

Skye Elopement Photographer. Mari and Kris elope to Elgol, Isle of Skye.

5. Loch Coruisk

 Inside the Heart of The Cuillins.

Location: Loch Coruisk – a magical place to elope that you have to get a boat to! Imagine whisking your nearest and dearest on a boat to a beautiful loch to marry the love of your life! Firstly starting at Elgol, the boat trip itself will whisk you past some of the most stunning scenery in The Isle of Skye. Then finally you get to have your intimate elopement ceremony on your own secret place! Get in touch with Misty Isle Boat trips or Belle Jane boat trips to book your trip.

Couple hugging at Loch Coruisk during Isle of Skye Elopement.

6. Sligachan

Where the Black Cuillin meets the western Sea.

Location: Sligachan is located very centrally on the Isle of Skye. Since moving to Skye, Sligachan has been one of my favourite places to go and watch the light change over the Cuillin Mountains, it’s boggy in parts but mysterious, craggy and just beautiful. 

Sunset at Sligachan, Isle of Skye during elopment by Belle Art Photography

Elopement on Sligachan Bridge, Isle of Skye at sunset


Finally, here are few more location ideas for your Isle of Skye elopement: Coral Beach, Neist Point, Fairy Pools and Talisker Bay. Although, I live near Portree and always scouting for new locations. Get in touch if you would like to discuss some alternative locations for your Skye Elopement!

Fairy Pools Elopement Isle of Skye Coral Beach Elopement Isle of Skye


Isle of Skye Elopement Accommodation

man picking up woman at The Quiraing by Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

If you are going to do it, do it right, right? There are so many beautiful places to stay on Skye. However, finding the right place to fit in with your wedding plans can be daunting if you don’t know the area. I’m here to help you! Below you will find some of the hotels and wedding venues I would recommend for your Skye elopement.

Duisdale House Hotel

Located on The Sleat Peninsula, in the South-West of Skye, This Boutique Hotel offers Contemporary rooms. Along with the most beautiful views and fine dining food for after your ceremony. The Duisdale Hotel also offers the possibility of an Indoor Elopement Venue and caters for up to 55 guests! (If you want a bit of a party afterwards.)

Kinloch Lodge

Situated on The Sleat Peninsula, at the foot of a mountain Kinloch Lodge offers complete luxury! Somewhere to escape the noise and unwind whilst overlooking Loch Na Dal. Absolutely perfect for an intimate wedding or elopement.

Skeabost House Hotel

Located just a few miles outside of Portree. This Boutique Hotel is in the perfect place for exploring the Island and eloping at The Quiraing, Old Man of Storr and Fairy Glen!


Sligachan Hotel

Sligachan Hotel is right in the centre of Skye, surrounded by the beautiful Cuillin Mountains. They have a great variation of wedding and elopement accommodation to suit everyone.


Isle of Skye Elopement Photography - girl twirling dress on The Isle of Skye

Unique Isle of Skye Accommodation

Finally, I wanted to share a few ideas for people who want a completely unique Elopement on The Isle of Skye! Skye offers an abundance of alternative accommodation – here are some of my favourites!


The Studio – Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye Elopement Venue

Firstly, as a huge fan of beautiful and contemporary architecture, I came across this incredible eco house located near the Cuillin Mountains.  It has been designed by award winning architects Rural Design. You can walk out from the studio directly into the landscape to the beach, sea cliffs and beautiful birch woods. This one is suitable just for 2 people!


The Tin House – Milovaig, Skye

Unique places to stay on Skye - Isle of Skye Elopement

A completely unique cottage for 2 overlooking the sea in North West Skye! This is in one of my favourite places on Skye – Imagine sitting watching the panoramic views of a beautiful sunset over the seascape! It’s secluded, but in a good way with plenty of wonderful places to eat nearby!


Eagle Rock – Applecross

Isle of Skye Elopement Accommodation

This one is one for the ultimate bucket list! The crème de la crème of Elopement accommodation! The jaw-dropping contemporary Eco home sleeps up to 14 people and is perfect for an intimate elopement on The Isle of Skye. Located in Applecross, a peninsula overlooking the West coast of Skye. Also, for food lovers – nearby is Michelin star, award winning Applecross Inn.

‘Nestled between earth and sky, Eagle Rock is the ideal perch to take some time out, reconnect with what is most important to you, and allow the song of the wild highlands to wrap you in wonder.’


The Eyrie – Isle of Skye

Unique Isle of Skye Elopement Accommodation

Created by our very own award winning R.House team, The Eyrie is a stunning self-catering cottage located near The Quiraing, on Skye. Including spectacular views, a wood burning stove and two king sized bedrooms, this is perfect if you want luxury for your Isle of Skye Elopement!


How to get married on The Isle of Skye

How to get married in Scotland?

The Legal Bit

Choosing the right suppliers for your elopement is so important! Because we are the ones who help you bring all your dreams and visions together. That includes the person who marries you!

You can marry in Scotland either by a religious/belief ceremony or a civil ceremony. Did you know that you can marry anywhere on The Isle of Skye? Provided its approved by your celebrant or local registration authority (civil ceremony).

Firstly you and your partner will each need to give notice to the district registrar for the area where you intend to marry. You do this by filling out an M10 form and sending it along with your birth certificates to the registrar you want to give notice too.

If you intend to marry in the South of Skye (Elgol and Loch Coruisk) then get in touch with the Broadford office.

However, if you want to elope in the North of Skye, then you are best to get in touch with the Portree & Raasay Office.

This applies to a religious/belief or civil marriage. You must give the notices to the district registrar no earlier than 3 months and no later than 28 days before the date of the marriage. More details can be found here.

You will also need to choose two witnesses for your marriage ceremony. If you want to do it completely alone, I’m always happy to be a witness to any ceremony I capture..and I can usually bring my husband along to be the other!

Humanist Ceremonies

 The most personal kind of ceremony

Humanist ceremonies really are just so personal and beautiful! From what I’ve gathered, Humanists seek to live an ethical and fulfilling life based on reason and compassion. The ceremonies revolve completely around you and your beautiful love story including how your friends and family have shaped your lives – I will remember my own humanist wedding ceremony forever!

I’ve witnessed the most amazing humanist ceremonies here on Skye. Get in touch with one of these celebrants below for more information.

Some of my favourite Humanist Celebrants for your Isle of Skye Elopement are: Rona, Francesca, Claire, Gary andHalde


Couple cuddling during Humanist ceremony on the Isle of Skye | Cuillin Mountains Elopement


Ideas to make your Isle of Skye Elopement Special

1. Hand-fasting Ceremony 

A couple and celebrant performing a Hand-fasting Ceremony during Isle of Skye Elopement

A beautiful & personal ritual to add to your ceremony

Firstly Hand-fasting has been around for thousands of years although has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s a particularly beautiful way to add a kind of symbolic ritual and personalisation to your marriage ceremony. Its about the binding-together and unity of two people – hence the phrase tying the knot! Our own hand-fasting ribbon was embroidered with all the different stages of our relationship and lives together.


2. Write your own Personal Vows

Couple reading their vows on The Old Man of Storr, during Isle of Skye Elopement.

Make your elopement ceremony personal and beautiful

Writing and reading your own vows can seem daunting. However, the perks of eloping are that it is just you and your partner! (Okay and your photographer and celebrant). Nevertheless It is so intimate, and can be so beautiful – You don’t need to write pages and pages, It can be a few simple lines. Even so, just think to yourself, why am I marrying this person? Admittedly, I wrote my own vows on the morning of my wedding. Although I stand by the notion that my vows reflect exactly how I was feeling that morning. With this in mind, now think 10 years down the line on your anniversary. How beautiful will it be to read them back and remember the moment you eloped on Skye.

3. Adventure & Make Memories

Close up of man kissing women on head during elopement at The Quiraing

Come to Skye for an adventure and leave with wonderful memories

Your photographs will be left long after anything else. Their importance and meaning grows with you and they become a portal to your memories for the rest of your life, and afterwards. They are sentimental, precious works of art. I fall in love with every story I’ve ever told! Without a doubt my favourite adventure elopements have been on The Isle of Skye! Indeed, you get the dramatic, moody skies, crazy wind and stunning sun sets! There are sometimes 4 seasons in one day here. I can’t promise it won’t rain but I promise it will be an unforgettable experience – the most incredible Elopement!

If you are also looking to document your Isle of Skye Elopement in video. I offer beautiful Super 8 Wedding films alongside my photography packages. Take a look at Mari & Kris’ beautiful Elgol Elopement below.


Watch this video: ‘Isle of Skye Elopement- Mari & Kris’ (03 mins 23 secs)”

Isle of Skye Elopement Photographer

Quiraing Elopement Isle of Skye

Finally, If you are looking for a photographer for your elopement on The Isle of Skye.

I’m so passionate about telling your story. I especially love to travel, explore and create beautiful art. In addition to using natural light to capture the emotion, the landscape and the little nuances of the story.

I absolutely adore my job – it really is such an honour to be present for the most special day of you life. My art is a collaboration and my goal is providing you with fine art and emotional photos you will cherish for life. Along with a wealth of knowledge and experience in planning your wedding or elopement.

Take a look around – if you like my vision i’d love for you to get in touch.

I hope we meet soon!


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