Your Wedding Plans & Covid-19. How to plan your Isle of Skye Elopement during Covid-19

Your Wedding plans & Covid-19 

First of all I just wanted to say I feel for you all! Wedding planning is stressful enough (I did it last year) and I don’t underestimate the added anxieties Covid-19 could be inflicting on you. I also wanted to say that I am here for you. Especially for my couples who have weddings and elopements booked this year, I’m invested in you and your wedding and I will help in whichever way I can. Try not to stress – there are bigger forces we can’t control at work here. This blog post is designed to guide you on your options as a couple planning a wedding, give you ideas on what to do if your wedding is rescheduled and also on how to have a positive outlook on all of this!

I also want to mention to all of my couples who are yet to speak to me, don’t be scared to get in touch if you are worried about Your Wedding Plans & Covid-19. I’m here to help you get through this, and will be happy to help you reschedule your date if you need to. I know that us photographers really appreciate being kept in the loop with any future dates you may be considering! We are completely on your side and are working with many of our couples to reschedule their dates – this does mean that 2021 is becoming very busy very quickly and the last thing we want is to not be able to capture your beautiful weddings! I really do invest so much of myself into my work and building relationships with you all, so it would break my heart to have to let you down. Therefore, if you keep us informed, we will be able to let you know our availability beforehand!

Your Wedding Plans & Covid-19. Planning Your Isle of Skye Elopement.

Your Wedding options during Covid-19 – Why not Elope?

What does Covid-19 mean for your wedding plans? I know many couples are hearing the similar devastating news that their wedding cannot go ahead when planned due to Covid-19. But this is not over, don’t cancel your wedding and all the beautiful hopes and dreams that come with it, reschedule your date! Many suppliers will work with you on this because we do genuinely care. For those of you that just cannot wait to marry the love of your life, there are also other options! You could essentially split the ‘legal’ ceremony and the party. You almost get the best of both worlds really.

Imagine running away later this summer to The Isle of Skye to elope with your partner on top of a beautiful mountain. Just the two of you, a witness, a celebrant and me! It would be so perfect and romantic! Then whenever you plan your celebration for next year – you will have these beautiful photos and Video to share with all your friends and family.

I think intimate weddings will become the new craze, although I’ve been crazy about them for a long time. Intimate weddings and Elopements are currently the safest option given the small number of people (& dogs) in attendance. It may not be what you had planned, but let me share a few reasons why they are wonderful!

  1. They are so simple to plan! (One of the main reasons we had an intimate wedding.)
  2. In Scotland, you can marry outside anywhere legally! How amazing is that! You can get married at the top of The Old Man of Storr or amongst the rocky shores of Elgol with the waves crashing behind you. It can be as simple as bringing your photographer, a celebrant and perhaps a bagpipe player to a magical place and reading your vows!
  3. Can’t decide who Great Aunty Gill should sit next to during the wedding breakfast because you’re worried about who she will offend? (No offence aunty Gill) You don’t have to decide! Ditch the family politics and instead spend your day solely with your best friend. 
  4. You can always have a party when you get home! Once this is over, everyone is going to need a gin or 10. Why not organise a big old party and share your beautiful elopement photographs from your intimate day.

If your Wedding Plans have been affected by  Covid-19 and you are thinking of eloping in The Isle of Skye. Here are a few of my favourite suppliers who can help you bring together your Isle of Skye Elopement. I’ve also written a helpful blog post which you can find here.

Wild Flower WorkshopGary Smith Humanist CelebrantFrancesca Humanist Celebrant –  Claire The Humanist CelebrantSandy The BagpiperWild Gorse Studio

Your Wedding Plans & Covid-19. Isle of Skye Elopement.

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

What to do on the day of your original Wedding?

It’s okay to feel sad and mourn the wedding that you’ve been planning all this time. Give yourself the time and space to do this if you need to. Then when you are ready, think about ways that you can still celebrate this day together! I’ve included a few ideas for you!

  1. Go out and find somewhere remote and beautiful. Take a picnic and a bottle of champagne! Just because you can’t officially get married that day, who says you can’t celebrate!
  2.  Plan your own little intimate ceremony! I LOVE personal ceremonies! Marriage is not only a legal contract between two people, it’s a beautiful and personal promise to spend the rest of your lives with each other! Grab some pretty paper and write down your vows or take influence from the Scottish and create a small hand-fasting ceremony!
  3. Create a time capsule! One of my incredible couples last year created a box during their ceremony including a bottle of wine and a note. To remind themselves of why they chose to marry and all the reasons why they loved each other. You can remind yourself of why you chose to get married in the first place, open it up the night before your new wedding date or in any time when you might question your decision to marry. (Let’s face it, we all need a reminder sometimes – like when Arif’s snoring wakes up the baby that has just gone to sleep.)
  4. Let’s go and create some beautiful portraits on The Isle of Skye!! I am still offering couple sessions this year because, similar to elopements, they can be safe whilst still maintaining social distancing. Most of you know by now that we recently moved to the inspiring lands of Skye. Well to give something back to my couples who are going through heartbreak at the moment, I am offering discounted couple shoots around the date of your original wedding. Get in touch for details of this!


Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer. Eloping on The Isle of Skye.

Your Wedding Plans & Covid-19. Isle of Skye Elopement

My plans over the next few months

My priorities are with the health of my family and the vulnerable people we need to protect. The Stabler clan will be practising social distancing and isolation if it comes to it. We will be working towards a simpler, more self sufficient lifestyle too. My plan is to grow our own veggies in our garden, support as many local independent businesses as possible and spend longer mornings in bed  with the kids (and coffee). To go out for a walk every day and appreciate the most incredible surroundings. And, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Start a personal project! Create work for myself again and have faith that I can just be an artist. I can’t wait to share some of my personal works of art with you!

Fairy Glen Elopement Photographer. Elopement in Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye.

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer. Your Wedding Plans & Covid-19

Some Final Words of Positivity – Be Grateful

Take a pause. Everyday take a little time to switch off from ALL news, that includes social media. I can’t tell you how good that is for your mental health. The high levels of information and media instilling panic is mentally draining.

Wake up and remind yourself of all you are grateful for. Each morning I wake up to the sight of the snow covered mountains in the distance. To the sound of my healthy children demanding breakfast. I’m grateful to live in the Isle of Skye but I’m also so grateful for my intelligent immune system, having food in the cupboards, for the innocence of my sweet children and their resilience. (just to name a few!)

Remember, this will pass. Focus on the kindness of people. I know the media are quick to point out the hoarders but I dare say this virus is bringing out the best in many of us. Let’s lead with kindness and get through it. In the words of my daughter, look for the rainbow.

Your Wedding plans and Covid-19. A Rainbow in The Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer. Natalia and Charles elope to The Quirraing, Isle of Skye.


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